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Heatizon low voltage in floor radiant heat elements are the most durable available and are backed by an industry leading 25 year manufacturer's warranty. All radiant floor heat products are UL and CSA listed. Small to large areas can be heated with leading edge low voltage or Line Voltage mat systems. Zmesh and or Cable combination may be intergraded into an entire heat system for your home.

Electric radiant heat, is clean comfortable and 100% energy efficient. The industry's best electric radiant heating products, Heatizon low voltage in floor radiant floor heat technology; comes with easily installed manuals and videos. Under tile, linoleum, solid hardwood, engineered woods or carpet with no floor buildup or extra structural support; Heatizon in floor heating is the best choice.

1st Place Winner for 5 years ! Heatizon Products have won the Radiant Panel Association System Showcase Award for each of the 5 years entered.

Heatizon delivers high quality, technologically advanced electrical radiant floor heat. Electric radiant floor heating provides more benefits than any other form of home heating. A range of electrical floor heating systems designed for under tile floors, under wood floors, under laminate floors, under carpet floors and more. Heatizon electric floor heating Zmesh element is the thinnest on the market and won't raise floor levels.

Heatizon power solid state systems for warming ceramic floors, hardwood floors, engineered floors or carpet may be installed in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, hallway, even staircases.

Please Contact Power Plant Supply Co sales@powerplantsupplyco.com for additional Information on Heatizon Thermal Storage Heating System. ZMesh element, Mats and Cables are installed to warm a floor slab for thermal mass storage capabilities that take advantage of local on peak and off peak energy pricing.

Electric radiant heat is a quiet and efficient heating source for any size room. No fuel spills, no maintenance, no base heaters, radiant heated floors add value and transform floor materials into comfortable living surfaces. Heatizon radiant floor heat systems are engineered to warm any floor and room, including rooms with hardwood floor covers.


For efficient snow melting, de-icing and gutter melting; new leading edge products such as ZMesh and Tuff Cable provide low voltage, low profile, low cost energy efficient, heating solutions for residential and commercial applications.

Asphalt and concrete driveway heating systems
offer an effective and economical choice for snow melting. Providing simple, reliable, and snow free access to your business or home. Go to Driveway Snow Melt

Electric radiant roof de-icing and Gutter melt products deliver outstanding performance without compromising the aesthetics of any architectural design or roofing design. ZMesh lays under the roof cover not on it. Go to Roof Snow/ice Melt

MI cable and self regulating heat trace cable keep the water flowing and gutters and downspouts de- iced.  Self Regulating Heating Cables provide the most versatility in heat trace design and applications. Go to Gutter Snow/Ice Melt